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2.1 TDA2030A board kits
Item#: JJAP157

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Features and Specifications
2.1 subwoofer amplifier board DIY kits 4pcs TDA2030A                    

The kit is with STMicroelectronics TDA2030A, which is  for two treble audio amplification channels, maximum power 2x18W, the other two consisting BTL amplifying low frequency, maximum power 36W. Bass part is using the original TI dual op amp NE5532, other components are made of high quality brand components to ensure nice sound. The kit used the RCA socket. Two potentiometers control the overall volume and bass volume, (not traditional RC circuit to adjust the bass and treble frequencies by potentiometer . It is circuit processing done treble, and bass circuit using a low-pass filter,) .At the same time, this kit is compatible with the use of TDA2050, LM1875.
 Power supply parameters: AC dual 12V power transformer, power more than 30W  (Note: Do not use a single power supply connection, such as a laptop power supply).
 Output Impedance: 4 ohms to 8 ohm for  satellite speakers and 8 ohm for woofer 
Please note that the correct access to the three lines, otherwise IC is damaged. 
Price is for kits(not installed), not including heatsink  
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